Agricultural Secondary School (LAP)

A special project in Burkina Faso by the ASAP Foundation

Why the LAP?

In rural areas secondary schools only offer general studies, whereas 99% of the parents are farmers. Those rural secondary schools have also very poor results not encouraging parents to send their children to school. The LAP is an agricultural secondary school opened to children coming from poor rural families.

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Objectives of the LAP

  • To offer quality education to children coming from poor families
  • To offer an education adapted to the needs
  • To offer an education which helps to identify and develop the strength of the students
  • To be sustainable with the donations of the sponsors, the fees paid by the parents and the activities of the LAP

Boarding school

The LAP is a boarding school. This is necessary due to the distance of the villages to the school (over 100km for some students).

Children are accommodated in girls’- and boys’ dormitories. Teachers and staff have their own houses.

Location of the LAP

The LAP is situated at 52 km from Bobo Dioulasso, in the region of Hauts Bassins, Province du Houet, township of Léna, village of Oualana.

The 42 Hectares land were given to the ASAP foundation by the villagers of Oualana.