Program of Studies

  • First cycle: the first 4 years program of general studies leading to a national exam called BEPC. At the same time during the first 3 years, the students follow classes of agronomy and husbandry leading to an in-house exam: CAL (Certificate Agricole du LAP)
  • Second cycle: this is also a 4 years study 

At the end of the second year of the second cycle, students pass the “BEP Agricole”. At the end of the fourth year, they pass the Baccalauréat “Professionnel Agricole”. 

After the studies at the LAP the students can look for work, start their own business or continue their studies at university.

For agronomy studies, the LAP has 4 vegetable gardens, one fruit trees orchard, 12 hectares of land for cultivation. For the husbandry studies, the LAP has a piggery, chicken coops, hens coop, stable, rabbit hutch, beehives

Selection of the students

For the first cycle of studies, the students are selected via a test. The candidates not older than 14 years have to have been successful with their primary school diploma and have studied in one of the 12 villages where ASAP is active.

Each year we select around 60 students for the first cycle.

For the second cycle, students of the LAP successful at the 4th year exam called BEPC have priority. If we need more students, candidates from the villages also successful at the BEPC and less than 19 years of age are selected via a test.

Living conditions of the students

The students live in dormitories boys and girls in separate campuses. They are between 12 to 16 per room. They have electricity between 6 and 10 PM every day. There is also running water available.

Students are allowed to go home once a month if they want. Otherwise, they will go back to their family once per trimester.

Recreational activities

There are football, volleyball and badminton fields. Lots of different board games are available and. handicraft such as knitting, sewing and drawing.